Dishwasher Sale

In this blog, we wanted to share with our subscribers an exclusive offer that we are currently running in-store at Faulkner's Appliance Centre. We've been given a huge opportunity to provide our customers with massive savings on the Kenmore Elite S38KMM35N dishwasher, made by Bosch. We stocked up on this particular unit for a reason, and we want you to be the first to take advantage of these savings while quantities last.

Kenmore Elite Dishwashers have been proven to be some of the most reliable washing machines for your kitchen. These built-in machines not only look fantastic in any kitchen, but they truly hold up to its performance and efficiency, considering its affordability. With its stainless steel finish, these units include many of the most wanted features. It includes 6 separate washing cycles, like quick washing options for smaller loads, including SmartWash. Owners will also be able to customize their cleaning preferences with 5 separate drying options, like Sanitize…

Electric vs. Induction

In todays market, home owner are provided with many options for their choice of cooking appliances. From electric powered stove cooktops, to electromagnetic heating technology, home owners may not understand the differences between their options. In this blog, we want to compare a few of our top performing ranges, and provide you with the information you need to better understand the differences between Electric and Induction cook tops.

Electric ranges have been a more commonly purchased option for homes seeing as it offers less cooking hazards. Electric cooktops do not use any sort or gas or open flames when turned on.  Unlike gas stoves, electric can transmit heat more evenly. Electric is also provides the ability to maintain a lower temperature than gas stoves, giving you a better range of heat. Not to mention, the flat surface top makes cleaning much easier. 

Here at Faulkner's Appliance Centre, we showcase top of the line Electric ranges that are fully equipped with todays sta…


Before you start shopping for your next washing machine, we would like to highlight some impressive features that you may find in a Electrolux product. It's no surprise that Electrolux has revolutionized their technology within their products to accommodate todays cleaning standards. From intelligent washing options, to multi detergent panels, Electrolux offers top performing features, without breaking the bank.

Electrolux has perfected the art of deep stain removal. They have also perfected the art of customer satisfaction through their years of developing products that work best for the buyer. Year after year, Electrolux finds new ways to build customer satisfaction through consumer experiences and reviews. Based on consumer reviews, a Electrolux front load laundry machine is the best option for home owners who are looking for high-end features at an affordable price. These reviews are important for consumers to have when looking to purchase any new product that is trusted by o…


Bosch dishwashers has been one of our favourite appliances for the kitchen for some time now, and for good reason. Bosch develops their products to provide home owners with top performing products, while always looking for ways to improve the way we use them. Quick cleaning, remote connectivity and repair, for an affordable price, Bosch has a dishwasher for everyone. Lets dive into why Bosch can provide home owners a dishwasher with the most features, for the best price.

One of the highlighted features of a Bosch dishwasher is the increased storage space within the machine, providing owners a incredible amount of space to wash more dishes and larger items. With the Bosch MyWay Rack, you will be able to easily include larger pots and pans on the lower racks without sacrificing room for your dishes or silverware. The racks are included in the appliance, meaning owners do not need to spend extra money on dishwasher attachments or separators. Loading and unloading has never been easier w…
Any laundry detergent or laundry product like stain removers, boosters, and fabric softeners with the HE symbol are formulated to be used in high-efficiency washing machines. A regular washing machine uses approximately 27 gallons of water per load, while an HE washing machine uses 11-14 gallons. High-efficiency washing machines use much less water, meaning the detergent is developed specifically to clean your clothes effectively in low-water machines. With Excelsior, you can SAVE MONEY and feel better knowing you CLEAN GREEN. 

Excelsior makes their products as green as possible, being sure to avoid phosphates, bleaches and other harsh chemicals that can harm both you and the environment.

Only 1 tablespoon of detergent is needed per load, which is less than the normal amount as compared to competitive brands. A 3L jug will provide you with 196 loads of laundry, while a 5L box gives you 333 loads!  

Excelsior HE outperforms the leading brand of laundry detergent in the market by effect…
Fisher & Paykel bring innovative products that change the everyday life into something out of the ordinary. The brand creates luxury home appliances that appeal to our basic human desire to live life and improve it. Through stunning design, smart technology and ongoing research, Fisher & Paykel develop world-renowned products with real people in mind. Look to the future with us as we introduce you to their line of award-winning fridges.
 We understand that you need appliances that are functional, adaptable, durable and of real quality. The fridge is a staple in any family kitchen and it is important that we sell you products that will provide you with the utmost satisfaction. Here is a breakdown of why we think Fisher & Paykel refrigerators stand out from the rest:

ActiveSmart Foodcare learns how you live. It is technology that understands how you use your fridge and adjusts temperature, airflow and humidity inside to keep food fresher for longer. Its ability to respond to d…