Any laundry detergent or laundry product like stain removers, boosters, and fabric softeners with the HE symbol are formulated to be used in high-efficiency washing machines. A regular washing machine uses approximately 27 gallons of water per load, while an HE washing machine uses 11-14 gallons. High-efficiency washing machines use much less water, meaning the detergent is developed specifically to clean your clothes effectively in low-water machines. With Excelsior, you can SAVE MONEY and feel better knowing you CLEAN GREEN. 

Excelsior makes their products as green as possible, being sure to avoid phosphates, bleaches and other harsh chemicals that can harm both you and the environment.

Only 1 tablespoon of detergent is needed per load, which is less than the normal amount as compared to competitive brands. A 3L jug will provide you with 196 loads of laundry, while a 5L box gives you 333 loads!  

Excelsior HE outperforms the leading brand of laundry detergent in the market by effect…
Fisher & Paykel bring innovative products that change the everyday life into something out of the ordinary. The brand creates luxury home appliances that appeal to our basic human desire to live life and improve it. Through stunning design, smart technology and ongoing research, Fisher & Paykel develop world-renowned products with real people in mind. Look to the future with us as we introduce you to their line of award-winning fridges.
 We understand that you need appliances that are functional, adaptable, durable and of real quality. The fridge is a staple in any family kitchen and it is important that we sell you products that will provide you with the utmost satisfaction. Here is a breakdown of why we think Fisher & Paykel refrigerators stand out from the rest:

ActiveSmart Foodcare learns how you live. It is technology that understands how you use your fridge and adjusts temperature, airflow and humidity inside to keep food fresher for longer. Its ability to respond to d…
Faulkner's Appliances Centre shares your passion to have the best for both performance and value when buying state-of-the-art appliances. At Faulkner's, we are proud to showcase the BlueStar line in our giant showroom, located here in the surrounding GTA area. With over 60 years of dedication to quality and service through 3 generations of the Faulkner family, we invite you to come in and see why BlueStar offers the best features on their professional quality ranges for the great value.
BlueStar is an American, family-owned company which manufactures restaurant-quality ranges that are designed for the residential market, which means anyone can get the power of a pro range for a affordable price. With powerful open burners which allow for higher heat, BlueStar makes it easier to cook large items fast, and provide you with the power to cook the perfect roast.

           It goes to show just how much passion and thought went into the design of the Bluestar ranges. The name Bluestar…