Faulkner's Appliances Centre shares your passion to have the best for both performance and value when buying state-of-the-art appliances. At Faulkner's, we are proud to showcase the BlueStar line in our giant showroom, located here in the surrounding GTA area. With over 60 years of dedication to quality and service through 3 generations of the Faulkner family, we invite you to come in and see why BlueStar offers the best features on their professional quality ranges for the great value.

BlueStar is an American, family-owned company which manufactures restaurant-quality ranges that are designed for the residential market, which means anyone can get the power of a pro range for a affordable price. With powerful open burners which allow for higher heat, BlueStar makes it easier to cook large items fast, and provide you with the power to cook the perfect roast.

           It goes to show just how much passion and thought went into the design of the Bluestar ranges. The name Bluestar did not originate from the unique shape of the open burners, but it does have a pretty big resemblance. The star shaped burners allows for higher heat, allowing you to get a perfect sear or bring your water to a boil much faster. The benefit of a star shaped burner is that it will provide an even heat distribution on the bottom of the cooking wear to eliminate hot and cold spots. Just be ready to spend a little extra time cleaning the burners and maintaining a clean cooking surface.

With great power, comes great responsibility. BlueStar's open burners make it easy for you to cook whatever you want, but it is even easier for you to clean. BlueStar ranges features removable cast-iron grates that make it effortless to clean. With these open burners, spills or splashes may find its way down the side of the burner. With BlueStar, these ranges feature a drop down cleaning tray that will collect any accidental spills. The cleaning tray is located just below the burner control knobs, making it easy for you remove and clean. It is important to always maintain a cleaning cooking surface before using. 

BlueStar makes it easier for buyers to bring their dream kitchen to life and make your shopping experience fun with the "Build Your Own" feature,  which gives buyers the ability to completely customize their new BlueStare range with different colours. 

BlueStar provides a massive selection of over 750+ customizable product colours and trims, allowing you to create your very own personalized look for your kitchen. You will find yourself playing around with the many colour variations as you can see your design come to life. 

We invite you to visit our large showroom here at Faulkner's Appliances Centre to explore the value of the BlueStar and see why we are proud to showcase this great brand. At Faulkner's, we provide full service delivery, making your purchase much easier for you complete. If you would like to find out more about BlueStar or how BlueStar may be right for you, feel free to contact us or visit our location to learn more.


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